Natalya Tarankova - Denmark

Meeting Deepak was a step into a new chapter of life where you have to remember how to be without all the noise and control of modern lifestyle. Around Deepak you feel like you have all the time in the world to talk, to laugh, to learn and just be.I believe we as humans have been forgetting this essential aspect of life – living without trying to control and secure your every next step, never actually staying in the present moment, embracing it to the full extend.Deepak’s love for life is contagious and won’t leave anyone untouched.

Reena Sarkar - Kolkata, India

My journey into connecting with right food had started early on but when I got an invite to a food forest workshop designed by Deepak, I was drawn to it. It was almost like a calling without much thought. I came back transformed with a self-drive to walk the path with Deepak  showed on Natural food and the joy of eating un-cooked food. Deepak Guidelines was instrumental to help me get a taste of this lifestyle. He is touching lives by walking the talk. 

Shabnam Arora - The Netherlands

Deepak is a true inspiration for me to discover and connect with my soul. Its steps and guidance inspired me to start my journey towards finding my life purpose and finally live a life of my choices. Deepak helped me to get free from limiting beliefs and spread my wings to discover my flights. Its truly a blessing to be connected to Deepak.

Raj Kumar - Punjab, India

We know about how to live healthy life after attending Deepak seminar. We realized that how harmful food we were eating earlier and the food coming directly from nature is the only healthy food for us. I have solved my Blood Pressure and Joint Pain problem after implementing his message. We will be always thankful to Deepak who inspires us to maintain our health and to connect with nature.

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