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“The journey to selflessness begins with selfishness.”

It does not have to take as long to detox your mind as it took to burden your mind. As we embark on a journey of lifetime mind detox, it is important to remember that self-growth and selflessness go hand in hand.

In this bustling world of always being mentally occupied with one thing or another related to our goals and activities, we have no time to detox our minds. Your life journey to selflessly share your loving kindness and compassion with the world can only happen when you selfishly focus on cleansing the toxic mind first.

Our mind is the continuous chevron of automatic thoughts, memories, or beliefs. To deal with it confidently, here I am presenting super unique and offbeat practices that will help you freshen up throughout your lifetime. These unique 7 offbeat ways offer to cleanse the labyrinth of thoughts for a lifetime, resulting in a refreshed and transformed life. Take this as your mental nourishment made out of unconventional practices, creating an oasis of holistic well-being.

Immerse yourself in a mind-resetting odyssey, where each method is an art, painting your neurological canvas with cognitive clarity and tranquility. Let’s dive right into this article and nourish yourself!

In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults experienced moderate to high levels of stress in 2020. The main sources of stress reported were the pandemic, political unrest, and societal issues. The external situation affects us but it is not in our control. Let us focus on what we can change within us by detoxing our minds.

I have been self-observing and noticing how my mind plays games, entangled and burdened with thoughts, emotions, and feelings since 2010. Out of all the experiments with many techniques, here I am sharing the 7 most offbeat ways that have been worth a whole lifetime to achieve mental clarity. It is diverse and applies in multiple situations to smoothen the life journey we all are on. Let’s dive into it.

For every offbeat technique below, I have a situation from our day-to-day lives. Also, to spice it up a little more with a mental puzzle, I have mentioned one generic situation below (The Tea Tragedy). Ask yourself how you would deal with this situation below with or without practicing these 7 offbeat ways. Are you ready?

In a tea shop, the waiter hands you a cup with a note stating, “Your tea is poisoned”, what would you do?

Of course, there is no one way to deal with this situation. How you will deal with it will be a reflection of your mental state right now. You will surely take a different approach if you have mental clogging with past or future thoughts, or if you have mental clarity – that will help you to be here and now in this present moment to come up with your unique way of being in this situation.

Here is a gentle reminder to consider as you take the next step to tackle this situation:

  • Question your assumptions – are they real?
  • Be practical.
  • Doing nothing is also a possibility.

“Every moment, the world is changing around us and so are we.”

Can you swim in the same river twice? The river flows on, and you change every moment, too.

You just realized 10 minutes before, you accidentally booked two meetings at the same time. Both are crucial. What would you do?

We make most of our decisions based on our past experiences, limited views, and conditioned behavior. This causes losses due to a lack of a holistic viewpoint, which leads to misery in our lives.

What if you could sense the changing scenario and respond accordingly? Sensing a new situation might include:

  • The perspective of another person.
  • Seeing it afresh without associating it with past experiences.
  • Accepting the surprising situation in which you ended up.

Now, with this newly sensed information, your response can adapt accordingly.

  • Sense the changed situation around and within you.
  • Expand your limited viewpoint to a holistic view.
  • Respond consciously to situations.

Especially relevant in surprising and unexpected situations.

  • An unconscious reaction becomes a conscious response.
  • The transition from limited to limitless possibilities.
  • Diversity enriches life.

“Embrace peace by pausing your life.”

Do you rush to act, speak, or decide often?

Are you running a race (of whatever type) without asking “For what? Why? Where am I going?

You argued with your friend. His last remark left you boiling inside. You want to retaliate immediately. How to cope?

Like your car needs regular check-ups, your mind requires consistent resets to detox.

Like your car, check-ups cannot be done while it’s running; you cannot detox your mind while keeping on running in life.

It happens too often; we rush through thoughts, actions, and decisions for mundane achievements. With this haste, life’s quality declines. Occasionally, we need to pause, look around, and realign with our chosen direction.

Let us learn to practice giving a gap.

  • Pause before you speak, act, or decide.
  • Observe your reaction or response.
  • Detach from emotions that are rising.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Change your location for a while, if possible.
  • Express yourself after taking a gap.

Especially relevant in arguments and before making key decisions.

  • Being effective is important.
  • Embrace space in life.
  • There is peace in life.

“When you fully laugh, mind games vanish, thoughts cease, and stress dissipates; you’re simply here, joyous.”

Do you often laugh?

What makes you laugh?

Have you ever laughed unconditionally?

You are stuck in your futile job, the one you can’t quit for multiple reasons. The same pressure is building up every day in such a situation. How would you feel light?

We often regret the past, worry about the future, and deny the present, holding grudges over others’ words, which stresses us. In the outfield of life, almost everyone wants to score a quick goal by any means. During such a time, laugh it out! A splendid way to let go of ballooning tensions and worries.

Laughter, the universal human language, transcends jokes and tickling. It’s a holistic detox and therapy for a lifetime, that benefits physical, mental, and energy levels. Let’s learn to invite laughter daily.

Let us laugh it out for this game-changer in our lives.

  • Practice laughing unconditionally for 5 minutes daily, gradually increasing to 30 minutes as possible.
  • Double your laughter for conditional laughs, like jokes or surprises.
  • Every laughter phase may be followed by 15-30 minutes of silent sitting to experience inner laughter.

Especially relevant in stressful situations, when others blame you for uncontrollable events.

  • Live lightly.
  • Embrace joy in life.
  • Enhanced blood flow and dopamine boost energy.

“A non-judgmental safe space is key to reaching your full potential.”

Did you ever wonder why you keep pets?

Have you ever experienced a space that is safe and impartial?

You are nervous and scared, walking into a room to meet your new boss. It seems so judgmental and alien to you, yet you are also curious to learn from him. How would you handle such a situation?

We are not isolated, and for thriving and growth, we need an unbiased space. Negative thoughts tied to past experiences and emotions deserve attention and importance.

We often wear masks with everyone—friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. Our masks stifle originality. We suppress expressions, leaving our minds stale and toxic.

How about finding a protected space to express yourself as you are and to release the suppressed expressions? Mirroring is the art of connecting in real-time, without judgment, and exploring the inside without any external intrusions.

Imagine a mirror around you in all situations, as a safe, impartial place to grow and become aware. Connect to your reality unconditionally. The strategist in us will give you buckets of information, unseen, to cross-check your judgments.

Your Mirroring space could be in front of a mirror alone, to express whatever is stuck within you. It could be in front of a person who does not judge, does not give advice, does not make biased statements – simply just listens to you with all ears. Your diary notebook is surely not going to judge you; make sure to pour your heart out into it.

Pets provide a sense of peace and non-judgment, deeply rooted in why many people have them. You can also mirror yourself with pets.

  • Find a safe, nonjudgmental space to express yourself, whether it’s a mirror, person, diary, or pet.
  • Let expressions flow naturally, whether through words, screams, tears, or air punches.
  • Design your timeline for expressing, choosing the frequency and duration that suits you best. Typically, once a week is optimal for most.
  • Articulate the experience of always having a mirror nearby to reflect your inner thoughts and emotions.
  • Check if you can see your judgments.

Especially relevant whenever you feel stuck in your relationship, in overwhelming situations, or being judgmental.

  • Empty yourself.
  • Your hidden potential has been unleashed.
  • Watch your expressions flow.

“A tree mirrors your inner self.”

Have you ever hugged a tree?

Have you seen a tree as a companion?

You and your partner have been together for several years, and now face strained communication. Misunderstandings, arguments, and resentment build, causing stress and turmoil. You seek to reconnect and heal the relationship. How can you detox your mind to restore clarity and compassion to your dynamic?

We often feel helpless on our journey, and at times, negative thoughts and emotional patterns cloud our minds. When crisis strikes, blind panic sets in. We are filled with fear and hopelessness and turn to quarantine mode (felt often in a big city!).

What if the answer lies in embracing surrounding trees? This timeless practice, tree-hugging, whispers serenity. It’s a harmonious dance with nature, transcending mental stress to detox your mind.

Tree hugging, transcending the hippie stereotype, provides scientifically proven benefits as a natural stress reliever. Each hug is a dialogue with the tree’s wisdom, sharing tales of persistence, resilience, and growth. It reminds us that we can endure all seasons and stand tall like them.

  • Choose your tree buddy to hug longer.
  • Stand barefoot beside your tree buddy, pockets free of digital gadgets.
  • Wrap your arms around the trunk, pressing your forehead or ears against it.
  • Synchronize your life force with the tree.
  • Observe your inner state. Let the tree mirror your being.
  • Stay there for at least 11 minutes motionless.
  • Express gratitude to the tree for emerging from the tranquil dance of existence.

Especially relevant when the world feels heavy, when judged, and when disconnected.

  • Symphony of tranquility.
  • Interconnectedness dances.
  • Trees are your companions.

“Trust the process you are going through right now.”

Have you ever denied a present situation?

Have you ever surrendered to the process?

You are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with the current situation in your life – too much work, too much on your mind due to relationship issues, and too many expectations from different people. Fatigue has become your new normal, and you’re feeling emotionally and physically drained. How can you reclaim your energy in this situation?

Our control impulse is strong, yet we can’t control our environment. We can plan our actions, but things won’t always go as planned. External factors will always influence us, and disappointments are often inevitable.

Letting go of control comes with experience for most people when they are tired of trying so hard to change the situation. You don’t have to go through misery if you learn the art of dancing between action and non-action. Many times, doing nothing resolves the issue for us as if the universe is taking care of the situation on its own.

In life’s continuously changing drama, moments become graceful through the art of surrender. It signifies not weakness but the confident acknowledgment of our flexibility. Surrender is born out of a free-flowing dance of acceptance, a life-flow rhythm aligning us with life’s ever-changing melody. In these moments, we discover our truest selves.

Surrendering stands out as the Queen of all the methods I have tried.

  • Focus on your body’s sensations.
  • Be aware of what you are trying to control.
  • Breathe into the space appearing in your awareness.
  • Call on the most docile part of ourselves to receive the moment so that no fear blocks the synergy.
  • See your grip loosening and releasing completely, sinking steadily.
  • Be the flow of life, let the universe guide your journey.
  • Fill up your intestines with breath, telling your tummy that everything will be alright.

Especially relevant when our hearts don’t agree or when logic takes over our emotions. When reality is denied.

  • Be adaptable and resilient.
  • Amid the uncertainty, thrive.
  • Trust the process.

“Self-observation transforms your entanglement into enrichment.”

Have you ever looked within to experience the inner witness?

Have you ever observed your own behavior as if another person watching you?

You just ended your long-term relationship. You are sad and devastated but also feel liberated from the routines of repeated patterns. How do you gain newfound awareness and create a life that has meaning after a traumatic breakup?

Heartbreaks bring about immense pain, and sometimes these emotions linger around for a long time, pushing us into a state of deep denial. Self-obsession keeps us stuck in the turbulence, and we fail to recognize the powerful transformation waiting to take shape.

Self-observation is the biggest game-changer technique for your lifetime. Wisdom comes out in moments of everyday encounters when we become aware of connecting within. Practicing the wisdom of self-observation helps us come out of monotony and paralysis of thinking.

All the techniques for introspection pass through the self-observation station; it is the King of all self-awareness techniques. This transformative practice invites us to witness silently the dance of our actions, thoughts, and emotions at a distance.

Witnessing ourselves is self-compassion, acknowledging our flaws, and celebrating our hidden gifts. It aligns our actions with our true intentions. The inner witness becomes the light, steering us toward mental clarity and allowing us to flourish to our fullest potential.

Self-observation bridges a deeper connection with our authentic selves.

Cherish this unfolding journey within, inviting you to be both an artist and a masterpiece.

  • Pause daily for >15 minutes (up to 75 minutes when possible) to do nothing—no books, no mobile, just silence.
  • Observe your inner happenings – watch your thoughts jump like monkeys. Notice the physical and mental pain as you sit still.
  • Check for self-judgment. Are you overwhelmed by certain thoughts or emotions?
  • Observe your patterns over time. Are there recurring themes in your reactions?
  • The habitual thief is spotted. Break free from patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Bring this practice into your day-to-day actions as much as possible. Watch yourself as if you were watching yourself from the top of a hill.

Especially relevant amid inner turmoil and distraction. When you begin to witness within.

  • Living an abundant life.
  • Gain mental clarity into your innermost depths.
  • Reflect on the true intention of your actions.

  1. Why detox my mind?

Because our minds are toxified by the way we live, we carry the burden of so many thoughts and emotions due to our social conditioning. We do not clear our minds to freshen up.

Detoxing the mind rebuilds self-trust, enhances presence, and liberates us from toxic habits and negative thoughts.

  1. What causes a toxic mentality?

During childhood, we savored every moment, being playful and happy. Life was fun, simple, and immersed in the present. What has happened since then?

As we grow older, we acquire social conditioning, habits, and behaviors shaped by others and the ambiance around us. Slowly, we lose touch with our true selves and forget the joy of being in the present moment. The race (of whatever type) starts in our minds as we tend to run after our desires.

Our ego becomes bigger and bigger, and we see ourselves as our achievements; ‘I have done this, and this, and this too.’ Then we start fitting ourselves into fixed patterns and behaviors as per the expectations of others, pleasing others, and living in the worry of what others will think. We become so afraid to live a simple joyful life, thinking that it is not normal. We keep on adding various curtains and hard walls on top of our beautiful play – slowly taking us further away from the depth of the holistic experience of our life.

  1. In what order should these methods be practiced?

In whichever format or order you prefer. Experiment and find the methods that appeal to you the most. If it’s not serving you, try another. The key is to just get started.

  1. How long until the results are visible?

Experience the transformation you’ve always wished for as your greatest self. The timeline is surely different for each person. Begin with the one that accelerates you the most.

Are you all set to have mental clarity and restore well-being with these unique offbeat practices? These 7 methods, given with actionable steps, are a full lifetime refreshment to continuously be in a detoxed mode of mind. Now, it is only your self-discipline and taking action that will transform your life. Let the benefits of these practices be your motivation to consistently practice these offbeat ways towards an enhanced version of your life.

Now, it is time to go back to ‘The Tea Tragedy’ again and observe yourself if there are any changes in the way you present yourself in that situation. No matter how you respond, I am sure this will become the most dramatic tea of your life.

If you start practicing any of these methods and wish to share your feedback or ask questions, feel free to contact us.

If you have other topics or questions that I should cover in the next articles, let me know about them as well.

Deepak Ashwani is grateful to experience life’s mysteries and shares his learnings through various channels.

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